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No Re-skins 🙌

Welcome to

The release of our first series will represent keys to all of our other series and offerings, ie coin launch, games and more.

3900/3900 keys remaining

We begin with 9 unique and super rare eggs


From Aliens to Dinosaurs

You can expect anything from Aliens to Dinosaurs and everything in between we have developed some amazing mythical and extinct creatures and characters we are really proud of and think you will love them as well.

Owners will keep the original egg as well as what hatches. Two NFT’s for one as a bonus.

No more than 250 copies

Each unique NFT will have no more than 250 copies, and some will be as low as 10 to ensure rarity and uniqueness

Limited supply 3900 keys

There will be a limited supply 3900 keys represented by NFT’s

Playable characters

There will be a limited supply 3900 keys represented by NFT’s


Follow our journey through the crypto verse.


1 Jan 2022

3900 NFTs which represent keys to all our other projects, series and offerings. Get yours before they are all gone.

March 25 2022

Series two will include some things from series #1 like Zoo Keepers, but stay tuned for some new and amazing things. Eggs from series one will begin to hatch in this time also.

April 28 2022

NFT’s are cool but we love games and can’t wait to show you what we have been working on. Stay tuned this will be big.

To Be Determined


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